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Administrative support

Administrative officerE-mail to Anki Andersson

Andersson, Anki

Finance officerE-mail to Elena Anissimova

Anissimova, Elena

Equal opportunities officerE-mail to Lisbeth Häggberg

Häggberg, Lisbeth

Director of administrationE-mail to Mikael Knutsson

Knutsson, Mikael

Administrative officerE-mail to Britt-Inger Lindqvist

Lindqvist, Britt-Inger

SuperintendentE-mail to Rickard Lipski

Lipski, Rickard

Administrative officerE-mail to Karin Nyström

Nyström, Karin

Science CommunicatorE-mail to Stella Papadopoulou

Papadopoulou, Stella

Administrative officerE-mail to Eva-Lotta Skoog

Skoog, Eva-Lotta

Associate professor


PhD/MSc student

External PhD/MSc student

Guest researcher/Post doc

Technical personnel

Professor emeritus

Recently graduated

Former employees - Alumni

 E-mail to Nélida González Cantú

González Cantú, Nélida

 E-mail to Anders Jansson

Jansson, Anders

 E-mail to Lennart Lundgren

Lundgren, Lennart

 E-mail to Ulla Tjärnlund

Tjärnlund, Ulla


Contact details

Phone: +46 8 674 7150

Fax: +46 8 674 7325

Organisation number: 202100-3062

VAT No: SE202100306201


Visiting address
Department of Applied Environmental Science
Stockholm University
Svante Arrhenius väg 8
SE-114 18 Stockholm

Mailing address               
Department of Applied Environmental Science (ITM)
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm


Press and media relations
Stella Papadopoulou
Science Communicator
Tel. +46 8 674 7011
Mobile +46 760 42 7479


Head of department
Michael McLachlan
Tel. +46 8 674 7228


Director of studies

Ann-Kristin Eriksson Wiklund

Tel. +46 8 674 7251



Student counsellor

Karine Elihn

Tel. +46 8 674 7763



Alumni coordinator

Kim Dahlgren Strååt

Tel. +46 8 674 7160